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The Well-Designed Business with Luann Nigara

Episode Summary

LuAnn Nigara has been in business for over 30 years. In that time, she has grown to be an expert at the way to build, grow and sustain a business through the winds of change. And we are certainly feeling those winds today. Listen in as Luann shares how a mindset decision at 18 put her on the trajectory to successful self-employment.

Episode Notes

LuAnn Nigara is the co-owner of Window Works in New Jersey for over 30 years now, but she is probably most known now on a larger scale for her expertise on building, growing and sustaining a business. She hosts The Well-Designed Business Podcast, is a well-known speaker at trade shows and leads workshops.  Her expertise lies in helping others, including established business owners, develop the fine skils necessary to have their business prepped to withstand the ebbs and flows over decades!  Her expertise is also now captured in the book, A Well-Designed Business. 

In this episode, LuAnn shares a decision made at 18 that put her on the trajectory to business success; why systems are so key to a successful business,  how she grew and shifted over the years, and why some businesses just can't succeed. 



to discover all the ways you can benefit from  LuAnn's expertise. 



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